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My Health Assessment: Required To Enroll In The CIGNA Medical Plan

Medical Plan Enrollment Includes Completing My Health Assessment

All employees who enroll, and their spouses or partners who enroll, in the CIGNA Medical Plan are required to complete My Health Assessment, a personal health management tool available through www.myCIGNA. com.1 This confidential survey takes just 15 minutes to complete. Simply answer questions about your lifestyle choices as well as your personal health history, and enter the results from your health screening. The tool will calculate a score that’s a powerful and accurate assessment of your health status.

Let’s face it… getting and staying healthy takes work. But through My Health Assessment, CIGNA can help. If you score low in a specific area, My Health Assessment will send you periodic, personalized emails with tips to help you improve your health.

A personal health coach will have access to limited information from My Health Assessment, and may reach out to those with potential health risks, such as high blood pressure. Otherwise, you are the only one who will have complete access to your personal information. This information is not shared with your manager, your spouse or partner, or anyone else – unless, of course, you do it yourself.

What is My Health Assessment?

My Health Assessment is an easy-to-use questionnaire about your health and well-being. It asks questions about your safety habits (such as using a seat belt), your stress levels, and how you feel about your overall health. It also takes into consideration basic information such as your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Your answers are analyzed, and you get a personal health report with details about your most important health issues. The report includes suggestions for health screenings, and information about wellness and other health programs that may help you improve your health. You’ll also get health information for your personal situation. Based upon your responses, you will receive an invitation to participate in an online coaching program.

Required for you and your spouse or domestic partner

Because we believe strongly in the power of preventive care and the importance of understanding your health, both you and your spouse/partner must complete My Health Assessment before you can enroll in the CIGNA Medical Plan for 2010. If you are a new employee or you do not currently have CIGNA Medical Plan coverage, you can enroll in the Medical Plan during Benefits Enrollment, but you must complete My Health Assessment when you receive your Medical Plan ID card in the mail. You may also enroll your spouse/partner, provided he or she also completes My Health Assessment upon receipt of his or her CIGNA Medical Plan ID card.