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FLUORESCENCE THERMOSTATTING ACCESSORIES Ideal for Polarization Studies, Protein Folding and DNA Melting. Changes in temperature affect uorescence intensity. A simple, inexpensive and accurate way to control sample temperature is to use a thermostattable cell holder through which water from an external water-bath can be circulated. For temperature ramping studies and experiments where more rapid heating and cooling is required, a single-cell Peltier-thermostatted accessory is available. Single-position Thermostatted Cell Holder Water-thermostatted cell holder for a 10 mm pathlength cell. This cell holder is included as standard with the LS-45 and LS-55. Description Single-position Thermostatted Cell Holder For LS50B/45/55 Part No. L2250140 Single-position Thermostatted Cell Holder, with Stirrer Cell holder with magnetic stirrer for a 10mm pathlength cell, water thermostatted. Includes six stirrer Fleas (04978499). Description Single-position Thermostatted Cell Hold, with Stirrer Part No. L2250141 Single-Cell Peltier Accessory For analyses where more rapid heating and cooling is required, a single-cell, water-cooled Peltier accessory is available. Operation between 0 – 100 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, for example, thermal denaturation of proteins. Temperature control is via keypad or the optional TempScan software. Description For LS50/45/55 Single-cell Peltier Accessory TempScan Software Requires a source of liquid cooling, such as a water-circulator. Requires Accessory PCB Kit (L2250162) for use with LS-45 Part No. L2250150 L225B009 B iokinetics Accessory for LS50/45/55 Biokinetics Accessory The Biokinetics Accessory consists of a magnetically stirred single-cell holder with a built-in temperature sensor (0 – 100 °C) event marker. Thermostattable by an external water-bath (not included). Includes 6 Stirrer Fleas. Requires Accessory PCB Kit (L2250162) for use with LS-45. Description For LS50/45/55 Part No. L2250145 Four-position ermosta ed Automatic Cell Changer Low-temperature Luminescence Accessory F our -position Thermostatted Automatic Cell Changer The Four-position Cell Changer accommodates four square, 10 mm pathlength cells or four micro-cells with adapters. Description F our-position Thermostatted Automatic Cell Changer For LS50B/55 Part No. L2250134 For cooling samples to liquid nitrogen temperature. Used for measuring uorescence or phosphorescence. Includes a pack of ve sample tubes (52126027). Low-temperature Sample Tubes Description Low-temperature Luminescence Accessory Low-temperature Sample Tubes 5 Pkg. Part No. L2250136 52126027 Requires, but does not include, 4 Adapters (L2250139) to work with micro cells. Includes 6 Stirrer Fleas. 201

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