American Legion Auxiliary - February 2013

Behind the Scenes

Mary “Dubbie” Buckler 2013-01-18 23:25:59

NOTES FROM THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BIG SMILES AT BIG EVENTS: BIG WORK PAYS OFF! Nationally, the American Legion Auxiliary puts on and is involved with some really big events – our own national conventions in a different city each year, the Washington DC conferences, trainings and meetings, along with our involvement as presenting sponsor of the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, also held in a different city each year with a different local host team. We have a great track record of doing events well. Those who get a glimpse of what happens backstage are usually pretty amazed by the snippet of activity they see. We often hear “we had no idea how much goes on behind the scenes....” And then, we smile. The success of these events is a strong team of behind-the- scenes pros who know what they are doing, do it well without fanfare, and all to make this vital organization as effective as possible. We smile because making it look easy is quite a fulfilling accomplishment. And our reward is your smile. When a participant takes away more than he or she expected, we all experience a joy. We need joy. This year, your NHQ staff will put on a dozen events and hundreds of meetings. On top of the usual, we are knee-deep in the new national public awareness campaign initiative, working with the selected PR firm to make the most of limited resources to pull off something we’ve never done before. There is a lot going on behind the scenes! Big events require years of pre-planning, then the action planning and thousands of “people-hours” to make them come off successfully. The hundreds of thankless tasks involve a lot of creative intensity and execution that most people never see or think about. You can be proud of what goes on. We do the behind-the-scenes work for the simple rewards of big smiles from those who attend. After all, it’s all for you – the greatest women doing the American Legion Auxiliary mission! Mary “Dubbie” Buckler Executive Director, National Secretary

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