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2013-01-19 00:21:05

I have been a member of the American Legion Auxiliary for 56 years and call myself a “Legion brat.” The Auxiliary and Legion have been an integral part of my life. I am not as active in my unit as in the past, but I enjoy reading Auxiliary magazine from cover to cover. I was noticing in the November 2012 article from President Peggy that she wanted suggestions on membership, especially in units and posts near military bases. Why not have a transient post/unit on base or an overall post/unit geared to the branch of service on base until those families are out of the service? Then this post could help them transfer to a local post where they finally settle. Keep the magazine coming. — Denise Yost, Unit 166, Alliance, Ohio ALA RESPONSE: Thank you for your service to The American Legion Family and for your suggestion on how our great organization can boost its membership. We agree this is a good idea. According to the Auxiliary’s Unit Handbook, a Legion post must exist before there can be a unit, so The American Legion would need to establish a transient post, and then, ideally, the post would adopt an Auxiliary unit. We appreciate your suggestion, and we will share it with The American Legion National Headquarters. About the “Smile…It’s Good for You!” article on page 12 of the August 2012 issue of Auxiliary magazine: I tried it, and it did work! After waiting and while smiling, my blood pressure did change a little. The higher number wasn’t much – only one number lower – but the lower number was quite a bit lower: 17 points lower (95 to 78)! Smiling is always easier than being grumpy. — Virginia Rackers, Unit 5, Missouri On page 43 of the November 2012 issue of Auxiliary magazine, it states that Patty Marshman is stationed at Fairchild AFB in Seattle, Wash. She is actually stationed at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, Wash. — Joan M. Williams, Unit 755, California ALA RESPONSE: Thank you, Joan, for calling this error to our attention. I love the ornament featured on page 16 of the November 2012 issue of Auxiliary magazine. In fact, our whole unit loved it so much that we unanimously voted to make it our president’s holiday gift. It was really two gifts in one: We made a donation of $250 to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation, and then received the ornament featuring the ALA stained glass window at the National Cathedral to present as a gift to our president. In the process, we received a tremendous amount of information about the ALA Foundation, which we reviewed as a unit. Donating to the ALA Foundation truly is a wonderful way to support the ALA mission. — Linda Zimmerer, Unit 421, Ohio On behalf of the Female Veterans of the Year, we extend a humble thanks to the American Legion Auxiliary. The ceremony and awards were stunning. Thanks to the writer of the article on page 60 of the November 2012 issue of Auxiliary. It was an honor to be featured in your magazine. — Natasha Wortman, CW2 U.S. Army

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