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MODERN PROCESS: COLOR AND CHEMICAL SERVICES > RADIANT REDS Revved-up reds are intense, opting for maximum impact. Dan Csicsai Matrix Artistic Designer THE VISION True-to-tone results that are sharp and saturated for the most vibrant red. Photography: Jenny Hands Ian Michael Black Aveda Artistic Director for Hair Color and Lupe Voss, Aveda Guest Artist, Los Angeles THE VISION Techniques featured in Aveda’s Art of Nature collection mimic the way colors play in nature. Formulas/Application Natural Level: 4 Dark Brown Formula 1: Matrix Color Insider 1 oz. /30 grams 5RR+ (5.66+) + 1 oz. 20-volume (6%) Color Insider Oil-Cream developer Formula 2: Matrix Color Insider 1 oz. /30 grams 6RR+ (6.66+) + 1 oz. 30-volume (9%) Color Insider Oil-Cream developer Divide hair into quadrants. Apply Formula 1 to new growth area. Complete all quadrants. Immediately apply Formula 2 to mid-lengths and ends in all quadrants. Process for 35 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and cleanse and condition using Matrix Biolage or Total Results. Formulas/Application For a Tonal Gloss formula, mix Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit-Only Color Treatment, 40 grams Universal ØN, 4 grams Light Yellow/Orange Pure Tone and 2 grams Light Orange/Red. Starting at the nape and working up the back, apply the Tonal Gloss Formula to all the hair, from the new growth to the ends. Process for 20 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition. Style: Daniel Roldan, Matrix Artistic Director Photography: Richard Burbridge Richy Kandasamy TIGI U.S. Technical Director THE VISION Create a luxurious, elegant red as if the hair were always under a spotlight. Gerard Caruso Rusk Artistic Director THE VISION A perfect mix of cool reds is the ideal choice for green eyes and light skin. Formulas/Application All mixing ratios are 1:1.5 using TIGI Copyright Colour Formula 1: Creative 77/66 + Activator 20-volume/6% Formula 2: Mix Master /66 + Activator 30-volume/9% Formula 3: Mix Master /66 + Activator 20-volume Formula 4: Mix Master /66 + Mix Master /44 + Activator 20-volume Step 1: Comb hair in natural fall and work from a center part. Starting about two inches back from the center forehead, take two diagonal-back partings to create an elongated diamond section in the crown. Take a C-parting from center forehead to the nape. Take another C-parting on the opposite side, this time from center forehead to behind ear. Step 2: Begin at nape. Using horizontal sections, apply Formula 1 to base. Once the section is completed, clip up hair. Step 3: In the C-section, take a diagonal-back slice. Apply Formula 1 to base. Twist the slice tightly from base to ends. Apply Formula 3 all the way around the twist from base to ends. Repeat the procedure throughout both C-sections, then twist together to secure. Step 4: Working in the elongated diamond, apply Formula 1 to base. Then blend Formula 2 on mid-lengths and ends of remaining hair and place on a meche strip. Step 5: Process 35 minutes. At the shampoo basin, apply Formula 4 over the C-sections and process for 10-15 minutes. Formulas/Application Natural Level: 7 Medium Blonde Mix Deepshine Conditioning Cream Haircolor ¾ parts 6.R Brilliant Red + ¼ part 7.66RR Intense Red Blonde with 1½ parts Shine Enhancing 10-volume developer. Apply to re-growth area. Immediately mix ¾ parts 7.RR Intense Red Blonde + ¼ part 6.R Brilliant Red with 1½ parts Shine Enhancing 20-volume developer. Pull through mid-shaft and ends. Process 35 minutes. Shampoo and condition with Rusk Deepshine Color Care, then use Hydrate. Finish with Rusk Designer Collection products. Photography: Bruce Soyez-Bernard >>> 120 April 2013

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