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2013-04-13 07:33:51

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your generosity, both for the time you spent with me at the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in Boston, and your thoughtful article that includes my story in Auxiliary magazine. Your article affirms the positive impact the VA’s recreational therapy program and NVCAF have in restoring and uplifting the lives of veterans. I hope my part in your article might inspire other veterans to discover the help available from their local VA recreational therapists. Also, please extend my thanks to the ALA for their compassionate and always professional support of the NVCAF. Best wishes, Jim Stevens ALA RESPONSE: Thanks, Jim! The story was picked up by the Mt. Carmel, Ill., Daily Republican Register, which ran the full feature. Great additional coverage! I am an 86-year-old member who is always eager to learn more about our programs. I just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with Auxiliary magazine. Over the years, it has had a different look. I really like the current look and content. Alberta Rogers, Unit 322, Michigan Just a quick note to tell you I enjoyed the latest magazine. After having written to National Headquarters regarding last year’s national convention, I almost felt like you were speaking to me. I know you weren’t, but I’m sure anyone who has thanked the staff felt the same. Nice job! Sue Britton, Unit 589, New York It’ll be Flag Day soon, and I have a question about the purchase of a flag. An uncle of mine told me that the purchase of a U.S. flag is exempt from state and/or local taxes. Over the years, I’ve purchased several flags and was always charged state tax. When I ask about the exemption, I usually get a “never heard of that” response. I don’t know where to begin looking for an answer and thought perhaps you could research it. If it’s true, I’m sure readers would like to know about it as well as how to prove it to store managers. Thank you for your help. P.S.: I enjoy reading Auxiliary magazine. Nancy Jelinski, Unit 217, Michigan ALA RESPONSE: Great question, and it’s especially relevant with Flag Day coming up on June 14. We consulted a flag expert at The American Legion for advice on this subject. Since sales tax laws differ from state to state, those interested in purchasing a flag should check with their state’s tax code (if it’s online) or with a tax attorney for guidance. Some states do offer such exemptions. Learn about how members of The American Legion Family honor the symbolism behind the U.S. flag in our “Flags, Cemeteries, and Ceremonies” story on page 28. WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM you Send your letters to: ALA National Headquarters 8945 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46260 or email:

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