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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION New Idea Keeps Boat Bottoms Clean Every off-season, boaters haul out their boats and remove the grass, gunk and barnacles that typically build up during the boating season. “Boaters spend hours scraping and sand-ing the bottom prior to painting the hull, hoping that somehow this year’s “new and improved” bottom paint will actually perform accord-ing to its billing and keep their boat bottom clean and growth-free,” said Curt Weiss-inger, vice president sales & marketing of American Ultrasonics of New Bedford, Mass. “We offer a reasonably priced solution to the ongoing problems that a dirty, growth-covered bottom brings to boaters.” But fi rst, consider what just a month’s worth of slime and grass on a boat bottom actually costs. First, there’s a signifi cant loss of boat speed; in some cases amounting to more than 30 percent. “Then there’s the loss of fuel effi -ciency which can be somewhere between 20 and 30 percent,” Weissinger said. Sailboats suffer similar performance losses. Just a single month in the water allows suf-fi cient growth of performance-robbing biofi lm to cause an average-size boat to lose half a knot in boat speed. Sailors who race their boats usually hire divers to scrub their bottoms clean prior to every race – a commitment of several hundred dollars every season. And, of course, there’s the cost of that bot-tom paint, which boaters scrape and sand off and then re-apply. “Forget the cost of labor for prep and clean-up,” said Weissinger. “Good antifouling paints cost as much as $325 per gallon!” made available to the boating public here,” said Weissinger. Harteel bvba of Belgium has signed an exclusive agree-ment with American Ultrason-ics to sell its HARSONIC anti-fouling system throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. More than 1,000 units already have been sold in Europe. The entire French tugboat fl eet uses the HARSONIC system to keep its hulls clean and barnacle-free. How it works “ The Ultrasonics solution American Ultrasonics has developed an inno-vative antifouling system which, when used with a quality antifouling bottom paint, will keep the bottom clean and growth-free for years. It elimi-nates the need for power-washing, as well as annual scraping, sanding and re-painting. And, it keeps a boat performing at the same level of effi ciency for every day of the boating season. “Thanks to a new venture recently established, we are able to market this premier antifouling system which since 2005 has taken the Euro-pean marketplace by storm, and is now being HARSONIC uses only six watts of electricity and will not harm the hull, coatings or any marine life. ” The system is attached to the inner hull surface of the vessel and emits ultrasonic pulses of varying frequencies throughout the hull. These pulses prevent the growth of micro-biological organ-isms, or “biofi lm”, on the hull. This, in turn, pre-vents the growth of grasses, barnacles and other organisms. “HARSONIC uses only six watts of electricity and will not harm the hull structure, coatings or any marine life, including whales and dolphins,” said Weissinger. Biofi lm grows rapidly in any fresh or saltwa-ter environment at temperatures as low as 4 degrees C (39.2 F). Immediately after a boat is launched, biofi lm will grow as long as the boat is stationary. Within 30 days, there is enough biofi lm grown on an average-size sailboat’s bot-tom to affect its hull speed, reducing max hull speed by 0.5 knots. On sailing craft, it is criti-A two-transducer HARSONIC unit cal to maintain a clean bottom, especially for racing performance. “For powerboats, fuel mileage with a clean bottom is improved by 20 to 30 percent with the installation and use of HARSONIC antifouling systems,” said Weissinger. Seeking dealers American Ultrasonics wants to recruit and train independent sales representatives and dealers to promote its products all across America. HARSONIC products offer a totally green, environmentally safe and chemical-free solution to an age-old problem. Fuel tank and propeller systems also now are available . For more information, contact Curt Weiss-inger, American Ultrasonics, at 508-993-0441; e-mail or visit www.amultra. com. Soundings Trade Only July 2013 www. tradeonlytoday .com 53 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

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