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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION The Renaissance of a Leading Brand As a staple onboard countless boats over the past three decades, the Ancor brand has withstood the test of time, and has continued to offer quality wire and accessories to the ma-rine industry. Over the past few years, there have been questions as to the future of the brand. Would it be gobbled up by its sister company Marinco? Which products would be rationalized out of the line, and would the quality and durability of the products continue to evolve? The answers to those questions are now clear, as the company that owns Ancor and its sister companies, Marinco and Mastervolt, has announced that the brand will remain, the prod-uct line is expanding, and new Ancor products are entering the market in 2014. What to expect next year For 2014, more than 200 products that had previously been rationalized out of the Ancor product line, including certain types of wire, connectors, and accessories, have been rein-stated into the assortment. “We listened to the customers who told us that there is a tremendous legacy and brand equity in Ancor and that the product line needed a re-Ancor NMEA 2000 T-Connector. vitalization, line expansion and new products,” said G. R. Schrotenboer, commercial leader of the marine business segment. In addition to the quality wire, connectors, tools and accessories, Ancor is introducing a new range of cable and connector solutions for the installation of onboard electronics and digi-tal switching networks. “We saw a hole in the market,” said Michele Goldsmith, media manager for North America. “There were a few companies offering busi-ness-to-business NMEA 2000 solutions but no one had developed a full assortment for the business-to-consumer market in the same way that Monster Cable has done so for the TV/ca-ble connection segment. In addition, electronics manufacturers had limited offerings meant to complement their brands. “No one wants to put a Lowrance cable on a Garmin product,” said Goldsmith, “This is a natural evolution for Ancor, which is already known for quality wire and connectors. Now Ancor offers that same quality and durability to consumers installing electronics.” “ NMEA 2000® Cable & Connector Solutions Ancor proudly introduces a full range of NMEA 2000 cable and connector solutions that are ideal for onboard electronics and network installations. The product line includes power cables, extension cables, tee connectors, resistors, caps, connectors, adapters and kits for the installation of one, two or four devices. Constructed for ease of installation, a variety of cables include the tee connector already attached. Single, two and four way tee connectors keep installations clean. Ancor NMEA 2000 cables feature 18AWG power conductors, which offer greater reliability, and are more robust for larger networks and longer distances. In addition, the cables are IP67 rated and meet rigorous global standards including UL, Lloyd's Register, USCG, ABYC and NMEA 2000 requirements. Visit to see our full product line . Now Ancor offers that same quality and durability to consumers installing electronics. Product range Visit us at METS Booth # 02.321 The NMEA 2000 product assortment in-cludes power and extension cables, connec-tors, adapters, resistors, caps and kits. The four kits in the range offer all of the components to install one, two or four devices with short or long distances between them. “Throughout the development of this product line, we thought about consumer behavior, what would be important to them and how we could simplify the installation process,” said Schro-tenboer. “Several of our cables already have the T-connector attached. We offer single, two-or four-way T-connectors for a clean installation. Kits provide everything needed for a specific installation. The idea is for the consumer to be able to walk into a store, buy the electronics, and easily choose the cables and connectors needed for the install.” The Ancor NMEA 2000 cables feature 18AWG power conductors, which are more robust and reliable, allowing for longer cable runs and multi-node installations. The cables are IP67 rated and meet UL, Lloyd’s Register, UL and ABYC standards. The entire Ancor NMEA 2000 assortment meets rigorous global standards. For more information, please visit ” 42 www. tradeonlytoday .com Soundings Trade Only November 2013 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION


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