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IN THE SPOTLIGHT ONE OF US LILY JAMESON Lily Jameson might be a 15-year old Girl Scout who voraciously reads paranormal teen romance novels and loves to play with her dog Lexi, but a young leader emerged recently when she took a deep breath and spoke up to a room full of Lions that included the international president. As secretary of the Lago Vista Leo Club in Texas, Jameson wants everyone to know how valuable and active Leos are, even if it makes her blush. This spirited, friendly high school sophomore serves her community, ex-cels in school and is already on her way to seeing the world. Can Lions look for-ward to a future International Presi-dent Jameson? Why did you want to speak at the Texas Lions Leadership Forum meeting? I went with my mom to a meeting of women Lions led by President Palmer. I was nervous and feeling out of my element, but I was surprised to hear that some Lions didn’t work closely with Leos or didn’t know if they had a Leo club in their area. I was practically sitting on my hands until finally I raised my hand. I wanted to tell everyone how dynamic our Leo club is and all of the useful, fun things we do for the community. We love to work with the Lions and want to touch lives and make an impact. Did you receive a positive response? At first they were surprised. But then people stood and clapped! The next day while I was in a Leo meeting, President Palmer walked in and gave me a copy of his book, “Follow Your Dream.” My face turned red, but it was really cool. After this experience, do you think you’ll want to speak out more? I think so because I recently joined my school’s debate team and the coach already put me in varsity. I guess I talk a lot! What else do you enjoy in school? I love to write, but I’ve also had fun making school projects out of cakes. I made a Tudor castle for history class and a volcano cake for science class. Magma oozed out when we cut into it! You also serve as a student ambassador for President Eisen-hower’s educational travel program, People to People? I’ve traveled to six European countries so far, and I’ll visit four countries this summer. We get to do more than an average tourist. Last year we made stained glass windows at a cathedral, rappelled down a castle wall and spent a school day with students in France. I love the sights, food and people, and I hope to travel more. My plan is to study abroad when I go to medical school. You’ll have no problem achieving that goal. If we know what we want in life, there’s nothing stopping us but ourselves and we shouldn’t settle for less! I learned that from the Lions. Do you know a Lion who you think has a great story or deserves a bit of recognition? Email us a brief description of the Lion and the reason you’re making the nomination to Please include “One of Us” in the subject line.

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