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EUREKA PARK The Owlet Smart Sock is designed to alert parents if their baby’s vital signs are outside the norm. In turn, this gives parent’s peace of mind and a better night’s sleep. Owlet’s core technology, called pulse oximetry, is the same technology used in hospitals when they clip a red light on your finger to measure oxygen levels. “This is a wearable for babies,” Owlet’s Westin Dangerfield explains. “We see this as a cross-section of wearable, IoT and home healthcare.” The Smart Sock is worn by the baby while it’s sleeping and measures the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. This information is sent via Bluetooth to a base station in the baby’s room and is then relayed to the parent’s smartphone via Wi-Fi. Owlet came in second at last year’s TechCruch Battlefield competition, but did not exhibit. “This is our first exhibit at CES,” Dangerfield says. “Eureka Park has been awesome. We’ve had people stop by and say this is the most exciting Marketplace to be.” CES WRAP-UP ● ● ● Owlet Bragi At times, it was diff icult to get close enough to the Bragi booth to see their smart, wearable headphone, the Dash. Bragi COO Anne Rasmussen says the Bluetooth-equipped Dash was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and Bragi brought the Dash all the way from Munich, Germany to their first CES. “There has been enormous interest here at CES and we’re very happy with that. We’ve been very busy collecting awards as well as an Innova-tions Award. We’ve also met a lot of our Kickstarter backers, which has been a great experi-ence as well,” Rasmussen says. The Dash functions as a Bluetooth headset, plays music wirelessly on two separate stereo units and measures biometric data. Delicate earbuds these are not. “They’re fantastically sturdy in the ear. Many of us have worked with headphones and earbuds before, and we have never had anything that sits so well in the ear,” says Rasmussen. Realizing the importance that crowdfunding played in the development and success of the Dash, Bragi plans to first ship the Dash to their Kickstarter backers, with a target date of April and then sell the Dash online—where it is now available for preorder. SKE Labs Just 11 months after forming, SKE Labs— a company of four—was exhibiting at their first CES, unveiling the world’s first truly smart container, the Neo smart jar. The Neo features an airtight lid, Bluetooth LE connectivity, wireless charging and sensors located in the detachable base. Madhuri Eunni, founder and CEO of SKE Labs says, “It tells you when you’re running out of something and adds it to your shopping cart or list. It also gives nutritional information on what you’re eating, so you can sync with your fitness devices and get an overall view of how healthy you are.” Another crowdfunding success story, the Neo is now available for preorder. SKE Labs was happy with the Eu-reka Park experience. “We had some great traction and met some wonderful people, so it’s been a great time,” says Eunni. 38 MARCH/APRIL 2015 IT IS INNO VATION

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