Darby Dental Supply Q1 2017 Dentalog : Cover 1

DEPEND ON DARBY. Q117C Nupro Freedom 22 Q1 2017 • Cordless design • Reduced noise level • 15 minute recharge  Paradise 1 *l.com Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System allows you to control the speed and power of the prophy cup by gently pressing it against the tooth, providing freedom from cords and foot pedals for a more pleasant polishing experience. It is quieter than traditional air driven hygiene or low speed handpieces and is intended to reduce patient stress. 4 + on all PDT • As Montana Jack, innova • Has stronger our tors Jack ® 8907050 thin, the • The posterior sickle of the perfect ultra-light, provides ver scaler orig , or access y •Y inal thin univers contra-our is h Montana Pink Montana convenie and still arder *For 8907049 dura al ada angl unma The and ever nt ble pta e for tched! Jack • By Amazing interproximal blade tion y Pink , or ® cer is Rigid been working Research PDT Montana also Gracey the 890705 a dona able vaila • Ana easil Grace wit 89070 ™ tes Jackurchased, • Immedia y to h 1 ble tomic see y hyg signicantl $1.00 • Less 64 design in and ien • One to ists, tissue tel al blade experience in traditional stroke • Now y ada we y a wa improve trauma, cur ha pts va micro a y y The vs ve vaila ou three to ture Grace less toot can mini ble • The Jack hand h B. in y strokes titanium Jack “little Nimble surface a micro EXC ®, • Allo a smaller of stra ch, LUSI the brother ™ 8907048 i n line! of min positive ws More PDT equal VE Jack in the , continuousl ” i and • Allows Grace th or OFFER ecient to lesser practition B. Nimble e anterior lateral your a to y | Phone: value : reach easie cement contact Montana pressure y cur fea pedia , e • Leading or r r Now spaces; access 800-240-9895 premolar to a ved ture Dicult Jack also tric rem ppl s to when blade Competitor a oval, around in y [dated redeem B. a ppli smalle reg working to Cro Nim vaila ca orthodo | Fax: 1/1-3/31/2017] ada tions your ions crow r, wding ble ble pt (406) hard Slim in FREE a “slim ntia ding, 890707 626-45 ins or w 800.645.2310 • darby.com Dental PDT curettes Technologies The & scalers instruments of you equal reducing the lightweight most PDT have or has your ergonomic lesser the risk handles been Please lightest innovated of value developing design, provide visit and pdtdental.com [January with with most comfort musculosk a clinicians tactile purpos with 1-to sensitive * less e. around March eletal view Our hand precise disorders. our instruments the 31, fatigue full world blades 2017] product At to and only bring on and line the 13 pinch, grams, market! PDT  Argen Refining Harmonize Composite Kovanaze Nasal Spray Curettes and Scalers Iveri Speed 66 44 31 4 3 i tru O

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