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of indulgence A touch 新葡京酒店5楼 5/F Grand Lisboa Hotel (853) 8803-7707 未 Lisboa spa by CLarins 一触即爱 PHOTOGRAPHS: COURTESY OF GRAnd LiSbOA 进其门,闪烁的水晶大吊灯已透露了Lisoba Spa by Clarins极 尽奢华的内涵,而水疗中心内的12间美容套房也不遑多让,墙 壁上镶满了白金马赛克瓷砖。房内设有多功能沐浴设备,让你 随时享受像细雨、水幕或热带暴雨般的淋浴选择。男宾部为男 士们提供土耳其蒸气浴(Hamam Bath)和维其浴(Vichy Bath),  而女宾部则有Rhassoul sauna和水晶蒸气房。与气派十足的 装潢相媲美的还有其所提供的高级水疗护理和服务;至尊舒缓 按摩“Le Massage”以天然香精油,配合独特的按摩手法,深层舒缓绷紧肌肉。一 个更全套的护理可先由一个轻柔的身体磨砂开始,接着以维琪浴的水力和Clarins 独创的人手按摩技巧,让肌肤重拾幼嫩柔滑,松弛身心。 由即日起,任何港澳居民首次试做指定之护理服务,可获6折优惠。 The Lisboa Spa by Clarins initially leaves one reeling at the sheer chandeliered opu- lence of it all; even the 12 private treatment rooms are lavishly accented with white gold mosaic wall tiles, and are equipped with multifunction shower options such as the rain shower, water curtain and tropical rain. Male changing rooms offer facilities such as the Hamam bath and Vichy showers, while their female equiva- lents come with a Rhassoul sauna and crystal steam rooms. in keeping with the luxurious trappings and treatment choices, the spa’s signature ‘Le Mas- sages’ combine specialized techniques with the use of 100 percent natural tonics and oils. A more pampering spa experience can begin with a natural body scrub, followed by a massage with the high-powered Vichy shower, and finishing with a detoxifying body wrap using the unique ‘Clarins Touch’. From now on, customers with valid Macau or Hong Kong identity card are entitled to enjoy 40 percent off on all designated treatments for their first trial experience. 2010年4月/5月 探索澳门 31

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