Pharmacy and Therapeutics May 2017 : Cover 1

Register and Formulary Visit At Product For May 2017 Volume 42 Number 5 Data A Peer-Reviewed Journal for Managed Care and Formulary Management Decision-Makers Hepatitis C in a New Era: A Review of Current Therapies T. Kish, PharmD, BCPS; A. Aziz, PharmD; and M. Sorio, PharmD VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW.PTCOMMUNITY.COM New User Fee Agreements Aim at Ensuring Relief From High Drug Prices But Trump’s Budget Proposal Threatens To Upend Completed Negotiations S. Barlas USP <800> Adds Signifi cant Safety Standards Facility Upgrades Needed to Protect Employees From Hazardous Drugs B. E. Beans HEALTH CARE & LAW PBM P&T Practices The HEAT Initiative Is Gaining Momentum M. M. Rumore, PharmD, JD, MS, LLM, FAPhA; and F. R. Vogenberg, RPh, PhD MEETING HIGHLIGHTS DRUG FORECAST American College of Cardiology W. Alexander Otiprio: An FDA-Approved Ciprofl oxacin Suspension Gel for Pediatric Otitis Media With Eff usion A. L. Edmunds, MD, PharmD MEDICATION ERRORS Be Wary of “Misspeakers” Who “Shoot From the Hip” M. Grissinger, RPh, FASCP

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