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Teachers Discovery Spanish Spring 2012 : Page 41

Te kids love your class! Transform Your Whiteboard Into a Game Space! Simply attach the spin wheel on your whiteboard, or any metal surface, and use your dry-erase markers to create games and activities. Use it as a classroom management tool and to play subject-specific games — the possibilities are limitless. Te Jumbo Magnetic Spin Wheel gets kids on their feet and participating. Includes three double-sided dry-erase cards and a teacher’s guide. 16 inches in diameter with heavy duty magnets. JN857 Jumbo Spin Wheel $44.95 JN548A Spin Wheel Activity Packet $14.00 Bilingual Spanish Bingo! Tis award-winning bingo game is now in Spanish! English words are on one side of each card and Spanish words are on the other. Players win by being the first to cover all the images on their Zingo cards with the tiles that come out of the Zinger! 2-4 players. Ages 4-8. JG603 Spanish Zingo Game $19.99 A Different Approach to Grammar Tis revolutionary grammar text starts each lesson with a how-to statement that makes clear the objective of the lesson ... “How to compare” or “How to talk about what will happen.” Te grammar jargon is kept to a bare minimum, focusing instead on the function and result of grammar usage. Colorful mind maps reinforce concepts, and “mental gymnastics” provide plenty of guided practice. Tis is a great alternative to traditional grammar approaches and a student-friendly supplement to classroom textbooks. Added bonus: It also includes a convenient verb wheel showing the basic conjugations and participles. ©2010. ENG, SP. Beginning, Intermediate. 5 x 7 inches. Softcover, 154 pages. JB3432 Spanish Grammar Buster $16.95 JB3432S30 Spanish Grammar Buster Set of 30 $492.00 ($16.40 ea. ) SHOP OUR WEBSITE FOR THOUSANDS OF ADDITIONAL ITEMS • WWW.TEACHERSDISCOVERY.COM 41

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