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IN THE SPOTLIGHT LIONS NEWS BRIEFS The 96th Lions Clubs Inter national Convention H am b urg Hamburg, rg, rg g, G Germany Ger e r many m a ny July 05 -09, 2013 =p[dmkan]DagfkLgmjk =p[dmkan]  Dagfk Lgm mjk We W es ste tern r Eu uro op pe ean W Wo on o nde de ers rs June 2 25 -July ly 04 04, f fr rom $ $294 949 9* Eas Ea as ste tern r Euro ro op pe ean E x xp plo ore o rer July ly 10 -July ly 2 22, fr fro ro om $3 3469 9* W u un nde der rb bar Ge erm r many ny Ju 28 -July June ly 4, f fr ro om $ $202 029* y 10 -July ly 16, f fr rom $ $2039* 19 YEARS AGO IN THE LION MARCH 1994 International President James T. Coffey and his wife, Betty, congratulate U.S. President Bill Clinton after he received the Head of State Medal from Lions Clubs International at the White House. • W e will customize any itinerar y • For 10 or more pg passengers ask kus hf how to get free or reduced d d trav vel l Turn T u r n y your o u r C Convention o n v e n t i o n into i n t o a V VA VACATION! A C AT I O N ! CALL GOW WA AY A Y TRA AV VEL -your LCI EXPER PER RT TS 1 877 469 2914 (T To oll free for Lions) Lio Email: lions@goway y. .com For more info visit: www w. .goway y. .com/lio .com/lions2013 * p r i c e s a r e p e r p e r s o n b a s e d o n t w i n s h a r e , l a n d o n l y BY THE NUMBERS Wheelchair ramps built by Larsen-Winchester Lions in Wisconsin in the last 15 years. 64 725 650 Years it took for a large wooden key given by Oak Ridge Lions in Tennessee to city officials to be returned to authorities. An Oak Ridge resident discovered the key after a family member died and donated it to the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge. Fundraisers With Barbecue! Get the most from your events with professional equipment. BOOST Classrooms in the Pickerington Local School District given patriotic posters by the Pickerington Lions and American Legion groups. The posters bear the U.S. motto “In God We Trust” and Ohio’s motto “With God, All Things Are Possible.” 43 Backpacks filled with school supplies given to needy students by Grand Cayman Tropical Gardens Lions. BBQ144 300 19 YOU 305 102 Perfect ch i cken, every t im e! R #1 SUP IER PL Baseball caps collected and donated by Beach City Lions in Ohio to pre-vent sun blindness in Nicaragua. Family recipes included in the cook-book produced by Chandler Lions in Texas. Of Top Quality Barbecue Equipment For Over 30 Years 7658 School bands that competed in the Visalia Band Review held by the Visalia Breakfast, Charter Oak, Host, Pride, Sequoia and Sunset Lions in California. Clients served in 12-step programs at New Beginnings in Vanceburg, Kentucky, in the first year since the drug recovery facility began in a building bought for the program by Vanceburg Lions. PR60GT The P i g Roaster Locate your nearest dealer at:

Meadow Creek

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