Gentry Wealth June/July 2013 : Page 27

Give Us Your Honey Do List We Make and Keep Your Home Like New Take back your weekends! Home Preservation Services visits you four times a year and takes care of your Honey Do List and provides essential preventive maintenance to preserve the value and lifespan of your home. Never Worry About Home Care Again • We Visit Four Times A Year • We Take Care of Your Honey Do List • We Perform 260 Seasonal Tasks and Inspections • We Provide In-house and Outside Repairs • We Are On Call -24/7 Emergency Service Call Now & Receive *A FREE HPS Emergency Backpack gift valued over $150 *A complimentary evaluation of your home’s condition with a review of our Maintenance and Repair program. “They are always available when things go wrong and need repair. The people who come out [every season] are unfailingly courteous, clean, and willing to do the extras we ask of them.” -Jeanne K 888.844.0007

Home Preservation Services

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