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Contents 2 From the CEO We’ve Only Just Begun 4 Editor’s Note A Bright Start 22 The Fourth Dimension A futuristic look at the next generation of 4D printing. Policy 76 TECH POLICY Looking at 2016 78 FACES OF INNOVATION Disrupting Roadside Assistance 79 GREEN POLICY Companies to Watch in the E-cycling Movement 80 THE SHARING ECONOMY A Snapshot of the Sharing Economy 82 STARTUPS What does a Startup Look Like? 84 INNOVATION IN ACTION Learn how the four winners of CTA’s Innovation Entrepreneur Awards are creating successful companies. 86 GUEST BLOG ITA Helps U.S. Companies Succeed in Overseas Markets 87 TECH HUB San Francisco 88 SPECIAL: C SPACE PROFILES • App Nexus • The Association of National Advertisers • Facebook • Foundation Capital • Google • GroupMGlobal • Rubicon • Spotify 26 Robots all Around With humanoid social robots, a major challenge is identifying the ways in which devices relate to humans. But robotic devices are also increasing effi ciency in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Tech 6 INNOVATOR Volkswagen’s Dr. Herbert Diess 10 INTERNATIONAL FOCUS Eastern Europe 12 A TECHNOLOGY TO WATCH Can a Femtocell Help Your Business? 14 PIPELINE What’s Happening at CES 2016 with T&S? 15 C4 Artifi cial Intelligence: A Disruptive Tech Business 98 THE ECONOMIST What to Expect in the New Year 100 ENTERTAINMENT MATTERS New Streams from Old Media Networks 103 FORWARD STRATEGIES Innovation is a Mindset 104 RETAIL STRATEGIES Understanding Diversity with Millennials 105 CE REPORTS CES 2016: The Woman’s Report 107 MARKET BEAT The King of Screens 108 STATS & FACTS Buying Accessories on the Go 30 Silver Nanowires: the Transparent Conductor of Choice Silver nanowires are fast becoming essential in touchscreens, fl exible displays, solar cells, OLED lighting, automotive and medical applications. 34 Smart Cities on the Rise Many of our metropolitan areas today are in urgent need of a digital infrastructure upgrade. FEATURES 38 Talking about the Future Three automakers with futurists on staff talk about keeping their organizations focused on the long view. 16 How Virtual Reality will Change the World Sony Computer Entertainment America Vice President of Marketing John Koller says “VR takes over the two senses that you use the most—vision and hearing—and it tricks the brain into thinking that you’re in another environment.” 42 Special: CES Unveiled Las Vegas Cover: Courtesy of Volkswagen 60 Special: Innovation Awards C TA. t ech/ i3 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 1

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