Trade Only Marine Coatings 2016 : Page 52

SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Go Clean into the Future In some parts of society that are full of tradition and nostalgia, the pressures of coping with a dramatically changing en-vironment can be difficult to deal with. In the nautical world, having to deal with ev-er-tightening environmental regulation has often been met with denial and stubborn resistance to change. Pettit Marine Paint has never operated that way. And while the company cherishes its long history in the maritime trade, its motto – “Go Clean into the Future” – is truly a part of the company’s culture and business philosophy. steel and aluminum. Powerful as the paint is, everything cleans up easily with plain soap and water. Econea is, quite simply, the future of an-tifouling technology. It offers unsurpassed protection, even at very low concentrations. In fact, tests show that antifoulants made with just 6 percent Econea are as effective as those made with 50 percent copper. This is great news for boaters who are looking for consistently superior antifouling protection, and it’s also good news for the environment. The Econea biocide breaks down quickly in the environment and its breakdown prod-ucts are biodegradable. We all know that more biocide in an antifoulant means better performance and longer-lasting protection. Pettit claims its products contain over 53 percent more Econea than Interlux Pacifica Plus or Micron CF , and over 106 percent more than Sea Hawk Smart Solutions. The potent protection that Econea pro-vides works only against hard growth, such as barnacles and zebra mussels. Janssen PMP , the company that manufactures Eco-nea, recommends the use of a second biocide to control soft growth. So Pettit “ Pettit replaced the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water. ” Clean alternative to antifouling At the center of Pettit’s antifouling coatings product line is the Nep-tune 5 and Hydrocoat family, which provides four levels of water-based technology and effectiveness – from entry level to the most advanced, multi-function products. These prod-ucts free boaters and boatyards from the old, dirty, and toxic technology of paints with high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Pettit’s newest products require no masks, no bio-suits, no expensive paint sheds, and no hazardous material management and cleanup. Not only is the painting process profoundly cleaner and easier to deal with, these new paints are distinctly better for the environment. The newest member of Pettit’s ex-clusive water-based, copolymer abla-tive family of bottom paint, Hydrocoat Eco, is a self-polishing bottom paint with an organic Econea biocide. The metal-free Econea biocide is com-bined with a powerful slime fighting inhibitor to provide unprecedented multi-season protection in the tough-est marine environments. Pettit replaced the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water, providing an easier applica-tion and clean up, with low VOC release (the amount of solvent re-leased into the atmosphere) and no heavy solvent smell. This makes Hy-drocoat Eco well suited to environ-mentally conscious boatyards and marinas, and those in the many parts of the country where restrictions are increasing. Hydrocoat Eco’s copolymer paint film wears away with use allowing for a controlled release of the biocides. With no copper to cause galvanic corrosion issues, Hydrocoat Eco is also the perfect choice for bronze IPS and jet drives, outdrives and outboard motors; is compatible over almost all bottom paints; and is safe for use on all hull substrates including GET A GOOD, OLD-FASHIONED, MULTI-SEASON ABLATIVE AND PAY $60 MORE OLD ANTIFOULING TECHNOLOGY, SMELLY, MESSY SOLVENT CLEAN-UP WITH NASTY WASTE TO DISPOSE OF 52 May 2016


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