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SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Committed to Protecting the Environment with Effective Products While fuel treatments typically are not in-cluded in a discussion of green products, Star brite’s Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treat-ment is a noticeable exception. The active ingredients in Star Tron are a proprietary blend of naturally occurring, biodegrad-able, plant-based enzymes in a clean-burn-ing fuel mixture. Because Star Tron helps ensure a more complete burn of the hydrocarbon fuel charge, regular use can result in a sig-nificant reduction of greenhouse gases, other harmful emissions and exhaust smoke. Another benefit of allowing hydro-carbon fuels to combust more completely is a decrease in residual elements, such as carbon deposits, which impact en-gine performance and negatively impact fuel economy. Less smoke and fewer harmful emissions are obviously good for the air we breathe, but Star Tron also helps keep the water cleaner, too. Outboard and sterndrive en-gines expel exhaust directly into the water; by decreasing the quantity of harmful by-products of engine operation that enter the water, the negative impact on the ecosystem is significantly mitigated. Less exhaust also keeps transoms and lower units cleaner, which results in fewer surfactants (soaps) being needed to clean them which could result in runoff into the water, while also conserving fresh water. All of this keeps the water cleaner and pro-vides a better, healthier environment for all forms of sealife from the smallest plants to the largest fish. Additionally, by keeping the engine and fuel delivery system clean, less caustic chemicals are needed when it is be-ing serviced, which has a positive effect on groundwater and the overall ecosystem in the long-term. An advantage of better fuel combustibil-ity is improved fuel economy, which means a reduced demand for fossil fuel to power the boat which also benefits the overall ecosys-tem in the long-term. Combining effective with eco-friendly Star brite has been producing ecologi-cally-responsible products for more than 40 years, long before offering “green” products became the trendy thing to do. Many of the company’s cleaners contain ingredients found on the EPA’s “Safer Chemical Ingredi-ents List” ( and “Clean Gredients” list (www. The compounds on the Clean Gredients list have been verified by independent third-party experts to pass the stringent criteria of the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard which was designed to safeguard human and environmental health. Many marine chemicals are now often la-beled as “biodegradable” or “eco-friendly”, which certainly seems like a good thing, but it raises the question: what do these terms mean? In the U.S., the definition of “green” or “eco-friendly” is vague at best. As a result, consumers see a wide variety of claims be-ing made, few if any of which can be verified. It may not be wise to choose a clean-er simply on the basis of its eco-friendly claims, as the “greenest” cleaner may also be the least effective cleaner. The first objec-tive is to find a cleaner that works well, and then to consider its environmental impact. Some cleaners are extremely effective, yet dangerous to the user and the environment. These must all be used with care and cau-tion as they can damage the surface being treated, the user and the environment. Extended fuel life One of the multiple benefits of Star Tron is the ability to stabilize fuel chemistry, al-lowing treated fuel to remain viable for up to two years. By keeping fuel fresh, it does not have to be prematurely disposed of as un-usable, creating an unnecessary impact on the environment from groundwater to wildlife and plants. Star Tron has been proven capable of allowing older, non-spec hydrocarbon fuel to be used by helping to improve com-bustibility. This too is good for the environ-ment as it helps avoid “old” fuel from be-ing improperly disposed of and possibly affecting groundwater, plants and wildlife. By allowing the use of old, non-spec fuel, Star Tron also reduces the need for “re-placement” fuel. Additionally, Star Tron’s formula does not contain oils or other in-gredients that would themselves create harmful emissions. Free of alkalis and caustics All Star brite boat washes are based on biodegradable, DEA (Diethanolamine)-free, phosphate-free formulas that contain no al-Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment has many envi-ronmentally friendly benefits. THE #1 SELLING ETHANOL TREATMENT CURES & PREVENTS FUEL PROBLEMS IMPROVES PERFORMANCE HELPS LOWER EMISSIONS ® + Formulated with naturally occurring, plant-based enzymes + Allows a more complete burn of the fuel charge for significantly lowered emissions and improved fuel economy and performance + Stabilizes fuel and can rejuvenate older, non-spec fuel + Helps reduce smoke and other harmful emissions to keep the air and water cleaner 40 June 2016

Star Tron

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