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SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Marine Winterization Products That Protect Your Engine All gas and diesel fuels need to be sta-bilized while the boat is in winter storage. However, in order to ensure peak perfor-mance in the spring, boaters need to do much more than just stabilize the fuel. In addition to preventing gum and debris for-mation, fuel also must be protected against moisture and octane loss. Ethanol-blended gasoline (E10) is espe-cially susceptible to degradation because ethanol (alcohol) and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond. Within a relatively short time, E10 begins to deteriorate, forming gums and other solids that cause engines to run rough or become difficult to start as de-posits collect on carburetors, fuel injectors, valves, rings, and in combustion chambers. oxide (Clo2) generating system. Unlike traditional air fresheners that only mask bad smells, MDG actually eliminates the odor at the source. The Slow Release system maintains air quality over a period of several months, while the Fast Release system works in four to six hours. For best results, deploy a Fast Release system in the boat when it has been shrink-wrapped to eliminate any existing odor, and at the same time deploy the Slow Release system to prevent the formation of odor during long-term layup. Each MDG bag treats 10 feet of LOA. Star Tron is the solution Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment from Star brite stabilizes fuel for up to two years, making it ideal for boats in seasonal storage, but it does much more. Star Tron’s enzymes also enhance fuel combustibility, break apart and disperse gums and other debris, maintain octane levels and treat moisture in fuel without the use of emulsifiers to help prevent phase separation. Traditional stabilizers can decrease fuel combustibility, which is why engines run a bit balky and smoky when they are put back in service in the spring. Star Tron’s enzymes allow for a more complete burn of the fuel charge, which ensures easy starts while providing maximum power, improved fuel economy, decreased deposits and less harmful emissions. In independent testing, Star Tron has also proven very effective at helping to prevent corrosion. Many mechanics rely on Star Tron to clean dirty carburetors or fuel injectors, sim-ply adding a heavy dose to the fuel before running the engine. Because Star Tron’s en-zymes are in a fuel suspension, it cannot be overdosed or in any other way harm engines or fuel delivery systems. Absorb excess moisture Star brite’s No Damp prod-ucts attract and collect excess airborne moisture in order to help prevent the formation of foul odors, mildew and damage caused by excessive moisture in an enclosed environment such as a stored boat. Star brite also manufactures antifreezes in non-toxic pro-pylene glycol formulas proving burst protection down to -200°F , crankcase oil stabilizers, fog-ging oil and more. MDG actually eliminates the odor at the source. “ Odor prevention ” Star brite has the tools needed to help prevent the formation of odor in stored boats. MDG Mold/Mildew Odor Elimina-tion Systems utilize a patented chlorine di-For more information, visit or call 800-327-8583. Star brite Anti-Freeze Antigel 48 August 2016

Star Brite

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