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SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Increased Investment in Marine Innovation Continues at JL Audio By Janice A. Holt, Marketing & Media Specialist, Consolidated Electronic Distributors Consolidated Electronic Distributors has a long history of teaming up with pas-sionate, innovative suppliers who offer excit-ing products and outstanding service. Their partnership with the Miramar, Florida-based JL Audio, Inc. is no exception. JL Audio is a premier manufacturer of high-end audio components that are highly sought after by dealers and end us-ers alike. It was founded by Lucio Proni and Jim Birch, two high school buddies who built the company from a personal hobby into one of the world’s most respected audio brands. They proudly note that JL Audio manufactures many of its products in the U.S., including all of its premium subwoofer drivers and marine loudspeakers. Consolidated has been proud to carry JL Audio marine audio since 2006, and has continuously grown its inventory each year. The compa-ny carries a substantial amount of JL products in its warehouse includ-ing subwoofers, speakers, amplifi-ers, source units, Bluetooth modules and installation supplies, including wire and connectors. Consolidated has qualified audio technicians that know the JL Audio marine products well and can advise dealers about the right products to purchase for each installation. “We are very proud to distribute the JL Audio brand,” said Rich Lasby, vice president of operations at Con-solidated. “We depend on this highly respected company to deliver the quality that our dealers demand and JL Audio has proven to do just that.” in order to ensure years of consistent per-formance in any boat. These products are now considered the reference standard for marine audio performance. Both JL Audio and Consolidated are pas-sionate about their products and are eager to share announcements of ground-break-ing technology. One of the newest and most amazing JL Audio compo-nents on the market is the Media Master 100s, a full-featured, weatherproof ma-rine source unit, commonly referred to in the industry as a “Head Unit”. More about Media Master The NMEA 2000-compli-ant Media Master is engi-neered for marine applica-tions. Rugged and built to withstand the conditions of the harsh marine environ-The JL Audio Media Master features a digital tuner with NOAA band capability, is SiriusXM ready (with additional equipment purchase) and offers USB 2.0 direct digital connection. A tradition of innovation JL Audio has always worked hard to bring real innovation into every product category it has entered, and marine audio is a perfect ex-ample. In 2005, JL Audio began offering its marine audio line, featur-ing a 7.7-inch component system for much-needed additional output capability. The JL Audio marine products set a new standard of audio performance in the marine audio market and continues to win admirers worldwide. Engineering, environmental testing and assembly all take place in its Miramar facility, ensuring consistent process control and component part quality. All ma-terials, assemblies and completed systems are tested using advanced salt-fog and UV test equipment, which simulate years of exposure to the elements. JL Audio’s envi-ronmental longevity standards far exceed typical industry standards “ 66 The JL Audio Media Master 100s is a full-featured, weatherproof marine source unit. ” 5 September 2016

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