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SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Supplying the World with Premium Marine Parts and Accessories Quicksilver brand delivers more premi-um marine parts and accessories to more boaters through more distributors and retail-ers than any other company for an incred-ibly powerful and simple reason – no P&A supplier in the industry can surpass Quick-silver’s product breadth or level of quality. In fact, Quicksilver offers more than 40,000 OEM-recommended parts world-wide across 12 product lines, including: s/ILANDENGINE&#0d;CAREmUIDS s3ERVICEPARTSINCLUDINGPISTONS&#0c; valves, cylinder heads and gear cases) s-AINTENANCE PARTS LIKE lL -ters, anodes, service kits and oil change kits) s3ERVICESHOPTOOLS s0ROPELLERS s#ONTROLSRIGGING s2EPLACEMENTENGINES Only Quicksilver marine parts, ac-cessories, and engine-care products carry a factory-backed one-year war-ranty, and all Quicksilver products meet or exceed industry standards. Having a huge and pervasive distribution network means we can do that. “We pride ourselves on providing a one-stop shopping experience for consumers seeking marine parts and accessories. While other companies might sell props or oil or gear cases, we sell it all.” one of the most trusted brands in the mar-kets it serves. Quicksilver is a premier supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts and accessories. Quicksilver products are available in retail stores, independent marine dealerships, power sports dealerships and local convenience stores – just about every-where marine and power sports parts, acces-sories and engine care products are found. Buying Quicksilver is buying performance, protection, and peace of mind. For more information, visit Quicksilver manufactures a comprehensive range of marine engine oils, filters, parts and accessories. About Quicksilver 3INCE 
&#0c; DISCRIMINATING CUSTOMERS have depended on the Quicksilver brand for premium quality marine parts, accessories, and engine care products. Quicksilver is Applying Quicksilver Marine Grease 2-4-C Research, design and testing Quicksilver’s reputation for sup-plying high-quality marine parts and accessories is grounded on exten-sive research, design and testing, and has grown continuously through more than 65 years of industry-lead-ing boater satisfaction. “Listening to our customers en-sures that we provide the products boaters want, while quality stan-dards established by the boating industry and met by our engineer-ing teams ensure product quality ANDDEPENDABILITY&#0c;vSAID%RIC2EILLEY&#0c; product manager at Quicksilver. “All of our products are tested for hun-dreds of hours.” Quicksilver has the consumer in mind as it designs and builds each product and as it sends those prod-ucts to consumers through its vast distribution system, which includes some of the largest distributors in the world. “We always want to be there for BOATERS&#0c;vSAID2EILLEY&#0e;h!NDWEWANT Quicksilver products available to our customers regardless if they are boating on their home lake or are on vacation away from home. We want to provide quality, positive boating experiences with minimal hassle. 34 February 2017

Quicksilver Marine Parts & Accessories

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