Trade Only Dealer Recruitment & Recognition 2017 : Page 36

SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Focused on Building Quality, Affordable Fishing Boats Located in Blackshear, Georgia, Com-posite Research Inc. (CRI) manufactures three brands of fishing boats from an en-vironmentally friendly 90,000-square-foot production facility – Sundance, Sea Born and Spyder. Since 1994, CRI has crafted top-quality skiff, bay and flats boats. With a focus on continuing innovation and offering more features than many of its competitors, CRI always puts affordability at the forefront, while ultimately adding more value. “Our goal is simple, build the best boats possible for our customers,” said Wally Bell, president of CRI. s!LLBOATMODELSARECOVEREDBYA
&#0d;YEAR limited hull warranty. s$EALER WARRANTY CLAIMS ARE PROCESSED in a timely and via a transparent process. News from Sea Born Sea Born recently introduced two new center console boats, the LX24 and LX21, both of which are intended to provide the al-lure of the boating lifestyle, as well as meet the needs of saltwater anglers with families. “Sea Born now has a full lineup of five bay boats and four center consoles rang-ing from nineteen to twenty-four feet,” said Bell. “We’re excited and looking forward to seeing how these new models translate to continued success for our dealers and most importantly, happy boat owners.” Unique to the LX series, the new models offer a higher sidewall than Sea Born’s bay boats, which improves passenger safety while accessing rougher seas. Inside each LX, the builder has included forward lounge-style seating for added passenger comfort with considerable storage capacity below. From the console of these boats, both pi-lot and co-pilot have the option of seated or upright positions thanks to a distinctive con-VERTIBLELEANINGPOST&#0e;!FT&#0c;THELARGERMODELS in the series include bench seating and a transom door whereas the smaller 21-footer has flip-up seats that when pushed into the down position become a rear casting deck. !S PART OF 3EA "ORNS ONGOING GROWTH strategy, CRI released these newest center Looking for dealers Founded in 1994, CRI’s owners and manag-ers have a deep understanding of and com-mitment to the fishing boat market. CRI offers dealers the following benefits to help them ex-pand sales and enhance their profitability: s4HREE BOAT BRANDS n 3EA "ORN&#0c; 3UN -dance, and Spyder. s#2)S BOATS INCLUDE BAY&#0c; CENTER CON -sole, and offshore models ranging from 19-28 feet. s&LOORPLANANDCREDITTHROUGHTHELEADING providers. s!NYOF ITSMODELSCANBECONlGUREDWITH Yamaha, Mercury, or Suzuki. s$EALERSREGULARLYRECEIVERETAILLEADSTHAT are always qualified. s#2)OFFERSMARKETINGSUPPORT&#1b;BOTHTRADI -tional and online, and works closely with each of its dealers. The Sea Born LX22 Center Console consoles along with facility upgrades to help the company meet the rising sales demands of its expanding network of dealers. “We want to give our dealers the products and tools they need to be successful,” said Bell. “From our other boat brands to these newest models, our lines make it easier for dealers and buyers to come together on the best boat possible while considering needs and budget.” Committed to the environment CRI also is one of a growing family of marine manufacturers that are focused on protecting the water. “Our iconic fish logo represents one of the water’s most important resources, fish,” said "ELL&#0e;h!SAMANUFACTURERFOCUSEDONlSHING boats, we are dependent on healthy lakes, rivers, and seas to ensure not only the sur-vival of our business but of marine wildlife and ultimately our entire planet.” For that reason, CRI donates products and services to many charitable organiza-tions, and is a long-time sponsor of Bimini’s 3HARK ,AB&#0e; h!S A COMPANY&#0c; WE ARE ALWAYS seeking additional measures to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, and environment through responsible manufac-turing practices,” said Bell. For more information about CRI, please visit 36 March 2017


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