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SPECIAL BRANDEDCONTENT SECTION Protecting Hulls Coast to Coast AkzoNobel’s Interlux has been cre-ating cutting-edge coating solutions to protect, beautify and improve the perfor-mance of all types of boats for more than 100 years. Because scientific expertise is central to Interlux’s business, the com-pany has committed significant resources to ensure it remains a worldwide leader in research and development. Interlux incorporates this expertise by offer-ing a full product range for boaters and appli-cators. This wide range includes Brightside, In-terProtect epoxies, antifouling paints, including traditional and water-based antifoulings; but it is the Micron Technology antifoulings that set them apart. Micron WA (Water Activated) is the newest member of the Micron Technology antifouling family. It is a polishing, water-based and fast drying formulation that provides multi-seasonal antifouling protection for all waters. Micron WA is a low VOC antifouling, with easy application and clean up. The innovative paint technology, Water Activated Matrix, in Micron WA, delivers crisp colors, while at the same time delivering powerful antifouling performance. “Interlux is dedicated to developing prod-ucts like Micron WA that protect, beautify and reduce boat maintenance,” said Matt Anzardo, marketing manager for AkzoNobel. Interlux operates within the Specialty Coat-ings business unit of global coatings manufac-turer AkzoNobel. “We strive to ensure that the work we do not only makes a difference, but that it becomes a critical element of support for our customers,” Anzardo added. Interlux launches new Water-based Micron® Tech-nology in Micron WA. Photo courtesy of Interlux. Micron Technology Unlike traditional antifoulings, Micron Tech-nology products are formulated to become smoother with use to reduce “drag”, hence reducing the coefficient of friction. Reducing drag results in less power re-quired to maintain desired speed, which leads to fewer emissions into the air. Micron Technology polishes (wears away) at a con-trolled rate, resulting in reduced paint build-up while eliminating the need for sanding be-tween applications. The Interlux Micron Technology product line includes: s-ICRON7!n7ATER&#0d;BASEDCONTROLLEDMULTI&#0d; seasonal polishing protection for all waters s-ICRON#3#n0ROVENPERFORMERFORLONG&#0d; lasting protection. Also available in a Low VOC version s-ICRON #& WITH "IOLUXšn "RIGHT&#0d;COLORED&#0c; copper-free, for all waters and all boats in-cluding aluminum s-ICRON /PTIMA WITH !CTIVATED "IOLUXš n Water-based Micron Technology delivering powerful performance for the most chal-lenging areas s-ICRON %XTRA n 0ROVEN PERFORMANCE WITH Biolux Technology, boosting performance by controlling slime s-ICRONWITH"IOLUXn0ATENTED3ELF0OL -ishing Copolymer (for saltwater only) s-ICRONWITH"IOLUXn0ATENTED3ELF0OL -ishing Copolymer for premium superyacht protection on boats over 82 feet (all waters). InterProtect® two-part epoxy InterProtect products were introduced in FORTHEREPAIRANDPREVENTIONOFGELCOAT blisters and it has grown to be a universal primer. InterProtect is a boatyard staple for gelcoat barrier, primer and corrosion protec-tion on metals above and below the water-line. InterProtect epoxies incorporate Interlux -ICRO&#0d;0LATESš TO SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE WATER migration and provide increased protection. Use InterProtect epoxies on fiberglass, new boat systems, metal hulls, keels, trim tabs and running gear. InterProtect is a trusted and rec-ognized epoxy primer for boaters everywhere. InterProtect products include: s)NTER0ROTECT 

% WITH -ICRO&#0d;0LATES IS A unique two-part epoxy coating developed to protect fiberglass hulls from water ab-sorption, which can lead to osmotic blister-ing. With up to six months of over-coating CAPABILITY&#0c;

%ISANIDEALCHOICEFORAP -plicators. It is also available in a lower emis-sions formulation, InterProtect 2000VOC. s)NTER0ROTECT(3ISAVERSATILEHIGHSOLIDS and low VOC, two-part epoxy that can be used above and below the waterline as a primer for all substrates. As part of a gelcoat blister repair or prevention sys-TEM&#0c; )NTER0ROTECT (3 USES -ICRO&#0d;0LATES to substantially reduce water migration and deliver increased corrosion protec-tion in fewer coats. Micron : Generations of Innovation The innovation continues… We are excited to introduce Micron WA as the newest addition to the Micron Technology family. Micron WA is a multi-seasonal, polishing, water-based antifouling with the unique Water Activated matrix. This novel paint technology delivers a crisp color, and premium long lasting protection for all waters! The Micron Technology family offers a range of premium products that meets your needs while delivering true and proven performance. For generations Micron Technology has been protecting boats coast to coast by improving fuel efficiencies while reducing paint build up through controlled polishing. Whatever the year, you know you’ll always have the latest and best in Micron Technology. Visit our website for more information – ® About Interlux Interlux is North America’s leading sup-plier of a full range boat-paint maintenance solutions that help protect, beautify and im-prove boat performance. For more information, contact Interlux at 800-468-7589 or visit Scan the code with your smartphone to watch our Micron film. 8358/0417 All trademarks mentioned are owned by, or licensed to, the AkzoNobel group of companies. © AkzoNobel 2017. 40 May 2017


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