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350 Hemmings Motor News December 2011 J-26-3, K-23-3, B-17-4, B-22-4, B-26-4, E-7-4, F-10-4, G-2-4, H-27-4, I-24-4, A-26-5, B-10-5, C-20-5, F-3-5, F-11-5, F-30-5, G-17-5, G-16-5; casting #174: I-9-5, I-29-5, J-8-5, L-7-5, L-26-5, B-11-6, B-16-6, C-10-6, C-18-6, E-19-6; casting #657: G-7-6, H-12-6, H-13-6, H-15-6, H-26-6, I-2-6, I-7-6, I-10-6, I-15-6, I-17-6, I-18-6, I-20-6, J-2-6, J-4-6, J-5-6, J-6-6, J-14-6, J-20-6, J-28-6, J-31-6, K-9-6, K-11-6, L-1-6, L-9-6, L-14-6, L-22-6, L-28-6, A-5-7, B-1-7, C-31-7, E-26-7; casting #678: I-5-7, J-13-7, K-16-7, K-22-7, L-6-7, L-11-7, A-5-8, D-2-8, F-3-8; casting #386, K-29-8; casting #618: L-16-8, C-11-9, D-3-9; casting #010: D-2-9, D-5-9, F-6-9, A-21-0, L-15-0, D-19-1, E-2-1; casting #270: I-24-8; casting #284: B-22-73; casting #290: K-5-71, K-8-71, C-21-72, D-18-72; casting #321: I-8-7; casting #323: J-16-7, K-6-7; casting #351: H-4-6, J-10-6, J-12-6, C-21-7; cast-ing #440: B-28-6; casting #512: L-10-8, L-13-8, L-9-9, C-23-71; casting #854: L-19-9, A-20-70, C-8-71; casting #942: I-22-5, casting #961: F-19-5, I-23-5, J-13-5, K-11-5, L-28-5; casting #962: D-21-5; cylinder heads: small block (indicates number of sets in stock, call on dates): casting #186: 8 sets; casting #291: 16 sets; casting #306: 3 sets; casting #461: 75 sets; casting #462: 45 sets; cast-ing #487: 30 sets; casting #523: 5 sets; casting #539: 2 sets; casting #550: 4 sets; casting #692: 1 set; casting #770: 3 sets; casting #896: 7 sets; big block heads (in-dicates sets in stock, call on dates): casting #049: 2 sets; casting #063: 6 sets; casting #074: 2 sets; casting #206: 3 sets; casting #208: 1/2 set; casting #215: 12 sets; cast-ing #290: 2 sets; casting #291: 2 sets; casting #292: 1 set; casting #390: 5 sets; casting #702: 13 sets; casting #802: 1 set; casting #820: 5 sets; casting #840: 6 sets; casting #858: 1 set; this represents a large portion of our inventory but is not all inclusive, inventory changes on a daily basis and we have access to hundreds more parts, we can supply all your needs from parts to complete engine assemblies at competitive prices, our broaching and stamping process is state of the art with many en-gines certified; note: all prices quoted are discounted for cash, credit cards subject to 3% handling; open daily 9 am-5 pm CDT, Monday to Friday, call. 920-235-8365 or FAX 24 hours: 920-235-6643, WI; or visit our website: www.classicenginecompany.com CLOCKS: restored for all 1953-1982 Corvettes. Do-it-yourself original electric and quartz clock kits for 1963-www.hemmings.com 1982 Vettes. Optional instructional video available. Com-plete clocks for 1968-1982 available in quartz and electric. Restoration of speedometers, tachometers, gauge clusters and gas tank sending units; free catalog. Instrument Ser-vices Inc, 11765 Main St, Roscoe, IL 61073, PH: 800-558-2674; ClocksAndGauges.com **12-YR** CLOCKS repaired from $39.95; quartz conversions avail-able; 24-hour turnaround on most clocks, 28,000+ serviced. Clockworks, 1745 Meta Lake Rd, Eagle River, WI 54521, 800-398-3040; www.clockwks.com **23-YR** CLOCKS restored; see our ad in Services Offered. D&M Restoration; www.dandmrestoration.com CLUTCHES and driveshafts, new and remanufactured, any year, model. Call John, Fort Wayne Clutch & Driveline, 800-CLUTCHES, IN; www.fortwayneclutch.com COLORFUL automotive Christmas cards, see choices at: www.automaniaspecialties.com; over 90 styles! $19.95 package (postpaid) 20 cards, same design in each package; 2 or more packages, $18 each. Larry, PO Box 1487, Conroe, TX 77305, 936-441-8209. COMPLETE your restoration with an engine from En-gines Limited, hard to find dated blocks, heads, intakes and exhaust manifolds; we have over 200 small blocks in stock, with the following casting numbers: #3703524, #3720991, #3737739, #3756519, #3789935, #3782870, #3858174, #3892657, #3914678, #3932386, #3956618, #3970010; also some big blocks: #3855962, #3869942, #3904351, #3916321, #3935439, #3955270, #3963512; engine rebuilding service; 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty; anything that bolts to the engine; when you think of cast iron, think of Engines Limited; we have been the Chev-rolet and Corvette engine supplier for over 20 years; we’ve done NCRS engines; ask your neighbor about our service; we can help restore your engine compartment; thank you! Randy, Engines Limited, 920-685-0288, WI; www.engineslimited.com **21-YR** COMPLETE 1987 Corvette, minus engine, transmission & suspension, in good condition, $1,500. 334-432-2337, AL CONVERTIBLE top frames, Corvette 1956-62, assembled, powder coated, w/latches, weatherstrips, discount factory direct. Joe Calcagno, RARE Corvettes, 831-475-4442, CA. CONVERTIBLE hydraulics: 1956-62 pump, $229; cylin-der, $139; hose set, $289. Hydro-E-Lectric, 941-639-0437, 800-343-4261, FL; www.hydroe.com **36-YR** CONVERTIBLE top leaking, badly faded or stained? World famous Renovo offers easy DIY kits that clean, re-color and re-waterproof any cloth top; money back guarantee. www.convertibletoprenew.com CONVERTIBLE top frame, 1968-75, in good condition, no rust, opens and closes nicely, $1,100. 310-329-5334, CA. CONVERTIBLE top, 1963-7, in excellent condition, not bent or rusty, $1,500. 310-329-5334, CA. CORE supports 63-82, many to choose from, small block and big block, $125 and up. 310-329-5334, CA. CORRECT GM style broach marking and numbering, your block or ours, over 350 blocks in stock, must for show qual-ity restoration. 310-670-9575, CA. 06 VETTE 4 tires & rims, 800 miles, original equipment, $300 obo. 845-692-5059, NY; patwilson041740@live.com 1956-67 CORVETTE parts: 30 year collection of NOS and used parts including hardtops, wheels, tires, hubcaps, engine parts, carbs, intakes, body parts, etc, call for your needs. Bill Mock, 918-333-0748, Bartlesville, OK; email: mockauto@aol.com **39-YR** CORVETTES 1973-96, parting out, large inventory. West Coast Sheetmetal & Classics, 408-432-8498, CA; www.gmsports.com **34-YR** CORVETTE window stickers, 1958-1975 reproduction to your specifications, $60; 1976-1981, $85; aged, add $25. Jim Clemens, 321-639-8431, FAX: 321-636-3372, FL. Corvette Parts continued CHROME City, 63-67 show chromed roadster vent frames; complete restoration of same available, very large selection nice no pit original frames, restored, excellent coupe assemblies (outright, exchange); repair of all s/s wing window, frames, including broken pins, cradles, bottom Ts; 63-67 roadster windshield trim (ex-change, outright); 63-7 seat hockey sticks, rechromed outright, $225 set, 56-62 windshield, door posts, all 4 styles. 908-719-2354, 9-4 days only, NJ. CLAMPS, original equipment Corvette hose clamps, send SASE for order form. Bill Mock, Rt 2, Box 140, Bartlesville, OK 74006, PH: 918-333-0748; email: mockauto@aol.com **39-YR** CLASSIC Engine Company (Classic Engine Co is not affiliated with any other engine companies located in Wisconsin); engine blocks: casting #524: I-22-4, B-7-5, D-26-5, E-29-5; casting #991: J-13-5, J-14-5, L-8-5, D-12-6, G-18-6, G-20-6; casting #548: I-18-6, I-28-6, J-15-6, J-19-6, J-31-6, L-12-6, A-9-7, C-8-7, C-17-7; casting #739: K-10-7, L-23-7, L-27-7, A-6-8, A-23-8, C-4-8, C-24-8; casting #519: G-6-8, L-17-8, A-7-9, A-20-9, B-2-9, B-25-9, C-20-9, J-10-9, L-5-9, L-9-9, A-2-0, A-30-0, I-2-0, J-20-0, D-29-1; casting #870: D-27-2, a FREE CORVETTE CATALOG The leading supplier of 1953-2011 Corvette ® parts and accessories. For Your FREE Corvette Catalog, Visit corvette.mamotorworks.com Or Call 866-377-2263 Key code HMN11 17082 N US Hwy 45, P.O. Box 1368, Effingham, IL 62401 CORVETTE PARTS OVER 14,000 IN STOCK! Parts Are All We Do! 700 diagrams help you fi nd your parts fast! www.keenparts.com 800-757-5336 6048 State Rte 128, Cleves, OH 45002 Keen Parts PLACE YOUR ADS ON-LINE AT WWW.HEMMINGS.COM ** indicates # of years a Hemmings advertiser

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