Site Selection January 2012 : Page 36

a three-way tie for third between Canada, India and Ireland. • Labor, location, logistics, incentives and transportation rank, in order, as the fi ve most important site selection factors. • The three overall best business climates in the world, in order, are the U.S., China and Canada. • The two top regions in the U.S. for overall business climate are the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex and the Southeast. • Fifty-seven percent of consul-tants say that they provide consulting services for both corporate end us-ers and economic development organizations. • Most national consultants agree that commu-nity proposals for corporate facility projects frequently lack the follow-ing: creativity in addressing costs realistically; fl ex-ibility in program design; infrastructure improvements design and funding; specifi c indus-try and project information; and an understanding of the project at hand. SITE 36 JANUARY 2012 SITE SELECTION Write in #384 for free info.

Hendricks County ED Partnership

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